Dudley Dolphin


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 Dudley Dolphin and the Dudley Dolphin Buddy Club are projects by the Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group

Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group is run by a group of volunteers who care for our natural and built heritage here in Western Australia.

Dudley Dolphin is an environmental mascot for Mandurah’s dolphins aimed at promoting environmental awareness, activity, safety and education in a fun and playful way.

The Mandurah region has a population of over 100 dolphins; many of which have been identified and named.
The rivers and estuary offer protection from predators and are used as a nursery for their calves and as feeding grounds. Calves are born between December and April each year.

Mandurah’s dolphins face many threats including strandings, sunburn while being stranded, boat traffic, fishing line entanglement, shark bites and pollution of their marine environment.

Together as a community we can help make our waterways a safer place for our dolphins to live, fish and play.
The Dudley Dolphin Buddy Club is free to join and offers families the opportunity to participate in local events, competitions and other activities like geocaching, NaturePlay passport to an amazing childhood and Coastal Walkabout.


• Help conserve the uniqueness and richness of the fauna, flora, heritage and waterways of Mandurah and its surroundings.
• Provide opportunities for everyone in the community to enjoy and respect our environment.

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